Rebirth of the Blog

One of my core beliefs is that the act of eating, in which each of us engages daily, is enhanced by knowing the story behind our food. In launching VT Dinners, my hope was to help people connect to that story. What I’ve come to realize is that one important piece of that is telling our story as a business. The intent in re-launching this blog is to create a space for reflection, discussion, and (hopefully) the beginning of conversations.  I’m a big believer in the idea that transparency is essential components of doing business with integrity; going forward, this blog will be our attempt to embody that belief. This will be a place for the VT Dinners team to share a little of who we are: our interests, passions, concerns, and what we’re excited about at VT Dinners. We’ll use it to celebrate successes, but also to share our challenges as we work to grow VT Dinners as a business while staying true to our mission: to make healthy local food available, affordable, and easy year round.

In the spirit of transparency, I’ve begun an in-depth evaluation of the performance of our pilot production run. Expect details in the weeks to come. In the meantime, as always, I welcome any questions, comments, or feedback you have.


VT Dinners Founder

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