Why Frozen?

Great Flavor

There are lots of complicated reasons to eat local. One of the best reasons is also the simplest: it just tastes better. Our ingredients come from farms nearby, picked within a few days of cooking, sometimes even that morning. That means varieties chosen for taste, not the ability to withstand cross-country shipment. It also means ingredients picked and used when ripe, not harvested green and gassed until they look right. The bottom line? Better flavor from the ground up. 

Good for You

Since we get our veggies from local farms they spend far less time than average between harvest and use. That means less time for the breakdown of delicate nutrients. The science is complicated and incomplete, but we'll take the option to lock in peak quality any day. Learn more.

Easy Prep

Some days you just need something you can heat and eat. We don't know about you, but sometimes those days catch us by surprise. VT Dinners were made for just such days. It's as simple as pulling a meal out of the freezer and popping it in the oven or microwave. 

No Preservatives

Freezing naturally locks in flavor and quality. It works so well that woolly mammoths who perished more than 40,000 years ago have been recovered, entirely preserved (learn more).  We seal all our meals in airtight packaging and keep them at a chilly 0 degrees Fahrenheit; plenty cold enough to avoid freezer burn. Now, we're not suggesting you try to save our meals for 40,000 years, but they'll stay top quality until you're ready to eat them... no preservatives needed.

Less Waste

When the meal is ready to heat and eat, there's no extra ingredients to go bad. And when it's as delicious as VT Dinners, leftovers aren't likely to be a problem. Freezing cuts down on waste in the kitchen too: we scale our batches to work with whole cases of ingredients, secure in the knowledge they won't go bad before we can sell them.